AAA has been producing aggregate for over 30 years. From asphalt to crushed aggregate products, our plants can produce any type of products to meet the most stringent requirements. AAA specializes in everything from large riprap for flood mitigation to small coarse aggregates for railroad ballast. We also have the plant capacity for crushing demo asphalt and concrete for recycle products used back into the industry. Our team can mobilize and setup operations in remote locations with ease.

Below is a list of materials that we currently offer.  To ensure we provide you with the proper material for your task, please come see us for detailed product inspection.


1 Inch Minus (Crushed)
Comparable to D-1 but less expensive and more fines (dirt). Commonly used for driveways, parking lot pads, paving preparation pads.

(NFS*) Meets State of Alaska spec for road, driveway, and paving preparation pads.

Type 2A
(NFS*) Comparable to 1” minus but commonly for concrete base versus asphalt base.

Class B Bedding (3/4 Minus)
(NFS*) Another concrete base but has sand mixed in.

Washed Aggregate

Pea Gravel (Washed)
(NFS*) Commonly used for in playgrounds, decorative uses, and/or tank bedding.

3/4” Round Rock (Washed)
(NFS*) Comparable to pea gravel but consists of 3/4” rock in combination with pea gravel for concrete mixture, pipe bedding, or decorative uses.

1.5” Rock (Washed)
(NFS*) 3/4”-1.5” screen rocked, commonly called “Septic Rock” or “DEC, Leach Field” for use in tank bedding alongside decorative uses.

Filter Sand (Washed)
(NFS*) D.E.C. approved. Fine grained, dust like, sand, for septic systems, animal bedding, and sandboxes.

Other Rock Products

Oversized Rock
3-10” pure rock, clean but not washed. Commonly used for decorative landscaping, fire place structures, and/or mortaring projects.

(NFS*) 7/8” crushed rock, clean but not washed. “Interlinking” properties allow for use in driveways, decorative coverage, dog runs, or other landscaping projects.

Recycled Asphalt Product. Taking old asphalt and crushing for a product commonly known as RAP. For use in driveways, parking lots, asphalt base, or other base projects. We do accept old asphalt at no charge.

Top Soil
We offer a blended topsoil for your gardening or yard work needs.


Asphalt State Type 2B
State spec material for highway roads.

Asphalt Type 3C
A specialized mix designed for parking lots, driveways, and/or bike trails.  Not a spec material.

Asphalt Muni Class D
Municipal spec material for streets, parking lots, and/or driveways.

*NSF = Non-Frost Susceptible.  Defined as less than 6% of 200’s (fines) and should not heave as the ground thaws and freezes